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EmSculpt Treatment


Burn Fat & Build Muscle

What Is EMSlim With RF Technology?

EMSlim is a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure that focuses on body contouring. With EMSlim you are burning fat AND building muscle at the same time. 

How Does It Work?

EMSlim uses electromagnetic technology which causes supramaximal contractions (up to 30,000 muscle contractions in a 30 min session) which can be used to shape the back, arms, buttocks, abdominal region and legs. EMSlim may also help alleviate back pain and reduce urinary incontinence by strengthening the core and pelvic floor muscles. One session of EMSlim is the same as working out at the gym everyday for 2 weeks. EMSlim can be combined with our Fat Freezing and Ultrasound Cavitation treatments to achieve the ultimate fat reduction results.



What Are The Benefits of EMSlim? 

* Builds and tones muscle tissue fast

* 25% muscle increase

* 30% reduction in subcutaneous fat

* No downtime, no anesthesia, non-invasive

* Procedure is equivalent to 30,000 intense muscle contractions per session

* Get back to your daily routine right after the treatment with zero down time

* 4 sessions are equivalent to 12 weeks of HIIT exercises

* Helps strengthen pelvic floor muscles 

* Reduction in urinary incontinence issues

* Strengthens core muscles for better posture 

* Alleviates back pain 

* Smoothes and tightens skin

* Reduces cellulite 

* 4 sessions are equivalent to 12 weeks of HIIT exercises

* Backed by 30+ peer reviewed papers

* Can be combined with Cryolipolysis (fat freezing) or Ultrasound Cavitation treatments for the ultimate fat reduction results. 

EMS Treatments

What Areas Can I Treat? Am I A Good Candidate For EMSlim?

EMSlim can be used to treat the following areas:

* Abdomen

* Buttocks

* Inner/Outer?Fronts & Backs of Thighs

* Biceps

* Triceps

* Calves

* Core Muscle Group

* Pelvic Floor Muscle Group

Pretty much everyone is a good candidate for the EMSlim treatment. However, in our experience, we have noticed that people with a BMI of 35 or less will show more dramatic results then people who have a bit more padding for the EMS technology to penetrate. That being said, we have had incredible results with the larger BMI people as well. If you are ever unsure if you are a good candidate or if the treatment is worth doing for your body type and goals, please feel free to email us directly at and we can set you up for a free consultation to assess you. 

EMS  for Pelvic Floor Repair
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We are happy to offer 25% OFF for all returning customers as part of our 

Customer Loyalty Appreciation Program. And we also offer a $50 referral bonus!


Pricing & Packages


As both arms or both legs count as two separate areas, if you wish to treat your arms or legs, it is only $100 more per session to add the second appendage to the package price.

Basic EMSlim  Package

4 Emslim  Sessions


Reduction Package

8 Emslim  Sessions


Reduce & Tone Package

4 Emslim  Sessions

4 Ultrasound Cavitation Sessions


4 Emslim  Sessions

1 Fat Freezing Session


Ultimate Fat Reduction & Muscle Building Package

8 Emslim Sessions

8 Ultrasound Cavitation Sessions


8 Emslim Sessions 

2 Fat Freezing Sessions


Single Session

1 Emslim  with RF Technology Session on 1 area.



For EMSlim Treatments

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